Our Design Process

A home is a reflection of values and an extension of a homeowner’s personality. Designing a custom home is an opportunity for clients to evaluate what is meaningful for them in their most private space – their home – and express that in a public way. It goes beyond an image in a magazine. It is not about imitating current trends or a particular style. Good residential design is connected, personal and intimate. We prioritize harnessing natural light, perfecting the scale of volumes, and designing highly functional spaces that reflect the homeowner's individuality.  


The Details Make it Your Home

It is a genuine pleasure to work with clients on their home projects. Whether a remodel, small addition or new home, we strive  to create a collaborative team approach throughout the entire process. We begin each project by listening closely to clients’ hopes for the home and getting a sense of the site. From there we create personalized project programs and work towards turning that vision into a warm and functional home that will be enjoyed for many years.

My architectural practice is inspired by the ways that well-designed and crafted space, materials and light shape our everyday moments.