Modern Box Addition

The modern-enthusiast owners of a newly purchased single story gable house wanted to add to and renovate while maintaining their “precious bird watching corner” or PBWC as it was affectionately referred to by the design team. The two-story addition became in exercise in resolving the modern two story form next to the long low-slung gabled form with out making it look like a church. The modern cube delineates the new from the old without repeating or competing with the existing form. Moving the kitchen into the new addition reinforced the existing open floor plan and yet removed it as an obstacle to the back yard. Large glass doors enabled access to the back yard while providing perfect visibility for plenty of bird watching.

Project details
Addition + Remodel
800 sq. ft. + 300 sq. ft.
2012, 2017
Lead Architect
Ana Williamson Architect
Denis Matson General Contractor
Structural Engineer
Daedalus Structural Engineering
Paul Dyer, Kumiko Toft